10th Innsbruck Winter Symposium for Coagulation: "UPDATE IN MASSIVE TRANSFUSION"

15 Dec 2016 - 16 Dec 2016
Villa Blanka, Innsbruck

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Neue Einblicke dank „Biopsychronology“


Insbesondere seit der Einführung der Transplantation von Nieren postmortaler Spender, muss zum Wohle der Patienten verstärkt auf die Qualitätskontrolle der zu transplantierenden Nieren geachtet werden. more >>

New Release :: Gerinnungsmanagement in der Intensivmedizin

Dietmar Fries, Werner Streif (Hrsg.)
Springer Verlag
ISBN 978-3-642-05004-6
Erscheinungstermin: 19. Dezember 2013
210 S. 34 Abb. in Farbe. more >>

Jahresbericht "Clotwork" 2013

The annual report of clotwork reports about the clotwork-activities in 2013 including publications, studies etc.
The report is issued in German language.

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Pilot Study 01 :: FI IN TIC


A multicenter double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized, pilot trial      
to assess the efficacy of pre-hospital administration of Fibrinogen Concentrate (FGTW) in trauma patients, presumed to bleed.

This study will evaluate whether the ultra-early pro-coagulatory treatment with fibrinogen concentrate on the scene would improve plasmatic coagulation capacity in multiple trauma patients with bleeding and/or major blood loss.
Change from baseline (before FGTW administration) to hospital admission (T2) in MCF FibtEM® (Maximum Clot Firmness) – as the measure of fibrinogen polymerisation capacity. Primary Objective To assess improvement in plasmatic coagulation capacity Primary Endpoint Fibrinogen polymerisation measure with the FIBTEM® MCF

Study Start: August 2011
End of study (anticipated): November 2014 more >>

Pilot Study 02 :: ArgHeR

A pilot trial to assess the efficacy of Argatroban (Argatra®) in critically ill patients with heparin resistance   
Argatroban in Critically Ill Patients with HR
Prospective, monocentric, open-labelled, randomised parallel-grouped Clinical Trial

Primary Objective: The objective is to achieve a prophylactic anticoagulation level within 7(+/-1) hours after Baseline.
Primary Endpoint: Percentage of patients, who achieved the prophylactic aPTT-range within 6 – 8 hours (Visit 3).

Study Start: June 2012
End of study (anticipated): June 2014
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Pilot Study 03 :: RETIC

Reversal of Trauma Induced Coagulopathy using Coagulation factor concentrates or Fresh frozen Plasma.
Prospective, open-label, randomized, parallel-group, monocentric Clinical Trial

Primary Objective
The aim of the study is to assess the difference in incidence of multi organ failure (MOF) after treatment of TIC with Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) or Coagulation factor concentrates (CFC).

Primary Endpoint
The primary endpoint of the study is the difference in incidence of MOF between the CFC and FFP groups.

Study Start: March 2012

End of Study: March 2014

Clotwork Workshop

07 Nov 2013 - 08 Nov 2013

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Initiation Christoph 3 in Cologne

13 Aug 2013
Cologne / Germany