7th Innsbruck Winter Symposium for Coagulation: "Haemostasis in Massive Bleeding and Trauma"

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Fri 05 Nov 2010 9:00am - Sat 06 Nov 2010 4:00pm

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Why TIC and not DIC.

Karim Brohi / London-UK


Trauma associated coagulation disorders: Acidotic and cold.

Wenjun J. Martini / Houston, TX-USA


Anaemia and Massive bleeding apart from the aspect of oxygenation.

Rolf Zander / Mainz-Germany




Standard coagulation tests versus viscoelastic POC monitoring.

Sisse R. Ostrowski / Kopenhagen-Denmark

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The clinical value of different fibrinogen detection methods.

Günter Weigel / Innsbruck-Austria


Detection and impact of hyperfibrinolysis in trauma.

Herbert Schöchl / Salzburg-Austria

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Management of bleeding following major trauma: the updated European guideline.

Rolf Rossaint / Aachen-Germany

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FFP: The use of FFP in the United States.

Philip Spinella / Houston, TX-USA

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Do we really need FFP in Austria?

Sibylle Kozek / Vienna-Austria

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The use of PCC and fibrinogen concentrate in massive bleeding.

Petra Innerhofer / Innsbruck-Austria

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The effect of recombinant single factor concentrates on trauma associated coagulopathy

Dietmar Fries / Innsbruck-Austria

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Haemostyptic wound bandages are there any differences.

Michael Dubick / Houston, TX-USA

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Young Experts Meeting


Young experts in the field of haemostasis present and discuss their actual studyresults.

J. Martini / Innsbruck-Austria
C. Fenger-Eriksen / Aarhus-Denmark
C. Solomon / Salzburg-Austria
O. Grottke / Aachen-Germany
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